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Master Beekeeper at Waldorf Astoria Park City

Master Beekeeper at Waldorf Astoria Park City

22 October

Behind the bee veil at Waldorf Astoria Park City, you’ll find master beekeeper, Debrah Carroll. Debra has been the Kitchen Manager for our on-property restaurant, Powder, since 2013 and has spent this past year taking the courses required to graduate as a master beekeeper from the University of Montana. She has 8 beehives on a local form, and oversees the two hives at the hotel. Outside of work, Debrah dedicates her time working with children’s groups to promote beekeeping and helping to save pollinators for future generations.

Bee Facts:

  • It takes 12 honey bees a lifetime to make a teaspoon of honey
  • During a single collection trip, a honey bee will visit anywhere from 50 to 100 flowers
  • In order to make a pound of honey, a hive of bees must fly 55,000 miles
  • 80% of all flowering plant species need to be pollinated in order to survive
  • About 35% of the world’s food supply depends on pollinating insects like honey bees
  • Honey bees only live 6-7 weeks, with the exception of the queen who can live 3-5 years
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